Why Consuming Ourselves Was Born

Consuming Ourselves began in response to some of the troubling narratives I see in the plant-based space regarding food, health and appetite. As a born-again Christian and (rather rabid) Bible study nerd, I see a direct conflict between God’s purpose for humanity and the prevailing idea that the only way to fix the food system is to satisfy appetites and maintain the consumption status quo.

My goal with this newsletter is to examine and challenge that narrative—and the larger narrative about food and appetite in society in general—from a Biblical perspective. I believe the food system status quo can and must change. God has a model for it; we just need to be ready to listen.

What’s in a subscription?

Consuming Ourselves is currently free but will have paid options in the future.

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When something resonates with you (or you have a different opinion you’d like to share), please leave a comment! One of my goals with Consuming Ourselves is to start the important discussions that will change the food system for the better.

A bit about me

Hi! I’m Theresa “Sam” Houghton, but you can call me Sam.

I've been crafting stories and writing informative reports since I was a kid. After going plant-based for health reasons in 2009, I started learning more about the food system and food’s effect on health.

I was so fascinated (and horrified) by what I learned that I became a health coach in 2014, all the while writing content on the side to pay the bills.

My love of exploring interesting topics—and helping people learn to make better, healthier food and lifestyle choices—inspired me to merge health coaching with content creation. Thus my company, The Modern Health Nerd, was born.

As a combination content marketing business and media company, The Modern Health Nerd helps plant-based brands bridge the gap between their products and their customers by building strategic content libraries—and creating content consumers can understand and appreciate.

But the end goal is much larger: facilitating positive change in the entire food system, from production to consumption. Food, health and appetite need to return to their God-given purposes, and The Modern Health Nerd is on a quest to make it happen.

Consuming Ourselves is a Modern Health Nerd publication.

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